Chemical Safety

In Ambeed, EH&S request us to minimize the risks associated with our business. Not only how to handling and storage of chemicals safety, but also on how to use of chemicals in research, and conservation laboratories; and laboratory support facilities in an appropriate way. We have set up strictly mechanisms to ensure our business is compliance with applicable federal, state and local regulations addressing chemical use in these areas.


Our quality system is composed of our Quality Control Department and Quality Assurance Department. They ensure compliance to our quality control standards with quality management systems encompassing activities such as documentation, quality control and validation.

Complete SOP files were established by the QA department and are performed strictly in the entire company.

Determination Instruments we have:

HPLCElite, 230II
HPLCAgilent, 1260
GCAgilent, 7820A
LC-MSAgilent, 1260 and 6120
PolarimeterRudolph, Autopol I-AP-S2
NMRBruker BioSpin AG CH-8117
Nitrogen generator(LC-MS)-
Nitrogen generator (GC)-
Analytical balanceMettler
PH deviceMettler
Microscopic melting point apparatusSGW-4A
Melting point determinationWRS-1C
Box-type electrical resistance furnace-
Analytical balanceMettler
UltrasonicShengYan, SCQ-52018