Ambeed Users' Guide

How to Search a Compound?

Single product search: Enter product information (CAS.No, MOL No., Name, Substructure) to the search box at the top of the home page.

Multiple products search: Click on "Structure Search" on the home page, then click "List Search". Enter CAT# or CAS# one by one, please make sure each line only contains one catalog number or CAS#.

Structure Search: Click on "Structure Search" on the home page, draw your product or motif you are interested in. Don’t want to draw a whole structure? Use our Search after Editing Tool-After search for a particular product, you can click "Search after Editing" (under the product structure) to modify the structure for another search.

How to Check a Product Information

Our website provides most of the following product information for easy navigation (from top to bottom):

  • Product price and inventory information
  • Product 2D and 3D structures (left corner of the product structure)
  • SDS, NMR and/or HPLC/COA if in stock (right side under "Related Doc."
  • Product details and safety-related information
  • Application in synthesis with references (if applicable)
  • Related products
  • Historical records

How to Download Quality Inspection File?

Our products have undergone full Quality Control analysis to ensure customer satisfaction, including NMR, LC-MASS, HPLC, Chiral HPLC. Check the top right of the product page, view the batch in the box, select the file and download.

How to Obtain a Quotation

After registering, the quotation file can be obtained in batches on the shopping cart page. If you have any product requirements or custom compound requirements that require remarks, you can also send an email to.

How to Place an Order and Pay?

  • Log into your account
  • Search for your desired product, and choose the related quantity
  • "add to cart"
  • After adding all the products you prefer to order, click on the shopping cart on the top right corner
  • Check to make sure all the products info and quantities are correct
  • Click "Next"
  • Check "Shipping Address" and "Billing Address" to make sure all of the information is correct, if not, you can "Edit" or add "New Address"
  • Add in your PO number or Memo if needed
  • Select the shipping method. Select "Collect Account" if you prefer us to use your own account, and provide the collect account number
  • Select "Payment Method". If you select to pay by credit card, your card will not be charged until the product is ready to ship
  • Leave a message if you have special instructions for the order
  • Click "Place Order"

*How to Apply for a Free Sample?

Periodically, we will send Free Sample information to our newsletter subscribers. If you are interested in these free samples, please .