A series chiral phosphine ligands designed by Prof. Tang Wen-Jun in Shanghai institute of Organic Chemistry(SIOC), now can buy in Ambeed. Inc collaboration with Zejun for research purposes only.

The structures of monophosphine ligands

Tech Note[1]: Ligand for cross-coupling sterically hindered substrates.

Tech Note[2]: Ligand for asymmetric Suzuki-Miyaura aryl−aryl cross-coupling.

Tech Note[3]: Ligand for synthesis of steroid compounds.

Tech Note[4]: Ligand for asymmetric addition reactions.

The structures of diphosphine ligands

Tech Note[5]: Ligand for asymmetric hydrogenation reactions.

Tech Note[6]: Ligand for asymmetric reduction reactions.

Tech Note[7]: Ligand for asymmetric addition reactions.

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